uni(formi)ty -diversity: lure or thuth

various dimensions



Customize your objects, personalize your interior, cultivate your look, develop YOUR personality, stand out… So many messages, images and actions to incentive us to particularization and to individualization whereas on another side all tends to conformity, to standardization.

Are we so independent than that?

Of whom? Of what?

And what about our unconscious in “our” choices that we think succeed in a “free way”? …

The installation is based on the repetition of an identical base form for each element which is then worked over again individually.

Some 20 characters stylized with simplified and purified forms are laid out in a circle, a perfect, infinite system. In their center and facing them, stands their paragon.

The circular installation of these variations which revolve around their prototype widens the reflection with the concepts of mass, of reproduction, of copy, of cloning, of change, of dialogue amongst others…